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Parallelism with mind and matter

Mind!!!! As soon as this word pops up the only thing I could think of is creativity and these creative ideas can help you get a concrete matter or at least help you create an objective that adds either a positive or negative purpose to your life. The mind has a direct relationship with matter, that helps create a matter of opinion or feedback. The mind plays a psychological part in our thoughts. The psychological thoughts we have may arouse because of a current situation, past incidents, or might be out of strong intuitions. These thoughts depend a lot on our nurturing, principal, family values and personal visualization. Matter plays an object-oriented part in our thoughts. It might not align with the mind but surely creates an impact.

Hence, one who could maintain parallelism with mind and matter is the man of wisdom. But when the mind is affected because of a matter, wisdom loses its value and mind has no fiat over the thought, becomes biased. So, when it comes to an economy where corruption is high at its peak, it's very difficult to maintain the stability of mind with matter. In today’s world, it is a matter that overrules the mind. People have become materialistic. There is no real love or passion left making everyone around unhappy.

Till matter has control over our mind, we could never be satisfied even with the best of our abilities and successes. The greed would continue to strive in our veins and the wants would always remain unfulfilled with the quench for more to be infinity. With this crowd of billions, we will be just like any other wild social being. The main motive should not be just getting more and moving forward. It should be, to make yourself the best version of you that will create a genuine impact on others and let the mind unite with the matter. Making creative interaction the resolution to every onerous dilemma and to walk forward together to feel loved and not objectified.

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