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Mind and Matter Dichotomy

The mind and matter dichotomy is all-pervasive in the daily subsistence of a living being. Our mind is no doubt the omnipotent force behind all our actions in the material world. All the needs defined by Abraham Maslow are a subject of what the mind dictates. But in this competitive world, it appears that the mind is being conditioned as per the societal and extraneous factors. Taking a reference from economics it can be said that the mind knows where the bliss point lies but the matter pushes us to find utility in the most futile of pursuits. This is the tragic truth of the modern world where normative adherence takes an unbearable toll on the mind which though overarching in its expanse becomes limited by the rudimentary needs of the illusion which we term life. Ultimately the question is what one desires and from what one derives satisfaction. Life always presents us with choices. It is our prerogative to take a call whether we become a subject of our mind or the materialistic enticements. To be a master of self or give in to the chaotic mandate of life. The key lies in finding the answer to this, after which the individualistic perceptions will be comprehensible. The motivations will become clear and one can decide what should be kept on the top pedestal – the mind or the matter.

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